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Two of the most important things we grown-ups can do for children are to provide time for children's play, and fun, safe props for them to play with. Recess Access links donors to Philadelphia's public elementary schools and seeks to guarantee that every child has recess every day.

Many schools in Philadelphia do not have recess at all. Most have recess for a brief time after lunch. Recess Access has found that 50% of Philadelphia's school yards are inadequate, with cars parked on the play area, broken pavement, or broken hoops. Our surveys confirm that years go by without any budget to replace playground toys.


Paintings about Recess made by 2nd graders of the School District of Philadelphia

Recess Access is supported through the Philadelphia Applied Research Lab of The University of the Arts. The university acknowledges that play is at the root of creative expression and that children's expressive culture needs to be safeguarded. In the school yard, children dance, sing, draw, act, in short, they express their stories about what it is like to be a child. To support recess is to support the arts, health, and urban vitality.

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For sliding scale school yard consultation, speaking engagements, or to find out about securing donations to your school, please email:

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